Consignment Policy

General Information:

Prior to presenting our quotes, we research the specific details of your item. Primarily the brand and style, leather, hardware, inclusions and condition. We research the current trend in the market regarding the popularity, inventory, pricing and our clientele - among other aspects. You are welcome to present a counter-offer. 



We do not have a fixed commission. We ask the Client for the amount they want to get back after the sale. We then calculate our fees and taxes to be added on top of the asking price. If doable, we then accept the item/s to sell. Client can present a counter-offer.

We have a $100 minimum fee for per item consigned.


Consignment term is 60 days. The term starts from the day the item/s on sale goes online. The Consignment term can be extended and a new sale price will be adjusted as per agreed. Maximum term is 4months and Client will need to make arrangements for shipping or pick up. Unretrieved items after 2 weeks will be donated.

The consignment term can be extended for certain items, as agreed by both parties.

Items are subject to $150 service fee plus authentication costs if asked to be returned before the agreed term.

*exceptions: Hermes handbags; $500 service fee plus authentication costs.

Authenticity and Condition:
Non-authentic items received are subject to fees associated with authentication services, shipping fees and $300
 service fee. Failure to pay within two weeks will result in item being disposed.

*exceptions: Hermes handbags; $500 service fee plus authentication costs, and shipping costs.

We require full transparency and if items are found to be not in the condition it was presented in during the quote process, we will have to make changes with the quoted amount.

If items are altered/repaired and not disclosed during and after the sale, we will require the Client to compensate LeidiDonna Luxe Inc for the costs associated with any price adjustments, returns or refunds.


Upfront sales are paid immediately. Items sold on Layaway are paid to the Client as we get paid by the buyer.

In case of Buyer non-payment or voided layaway plans, item/s will be relisted.

Sold items are final, and cannot be reversed.


We pay our clients via Etransfer, Paypal or Wise. Etransfer and Wise has daily limits and payments might take a few days to complete. 



We only accept high-end designer items at this time, such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier etc.

Only high-demand shoes, designer and style will be accepted at this time, as per Consignee discretion.

We cannot accept items that are too old, are dirty, with bad smell, with extensive damage or significant signs of use.

We reserve the right to refuse item/s.

We require your full name, full address, phone number and email before consigning.

Handing over your item/s to us is confirming that you agree with our terms and policy. We advise you send us information using our Consignment Form so Consignor/Consignee have easy access to all information in regard to the transaction. We will email the Consignment Agreement after your item is received and inspected. You are required to review, agree and sign the agreement, and promptly email back the form.

Shipping and Handling:

Shipping to and from LeidiDonna Luxe and all fees associated with shipping such as shipping costs, taxes and customs etc is the Clients responsibility. 

Drop-off and pick up is in Guelph, or a convenient agreed location for both.

We keep your items secure in a light and temperature-controlled environment. We handle your items carefully for inspection, authentication, photography and videography, and at times for client viewings. 


We post new arrivals weekly for maximum exposure for each item. We process in order of receipt of items and when authentication results are confirmed.

We make every reasonable effort to feature and advertise your items on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites such as TikTok and Pinterest.

We have partnered with some consignment shops and if you see your item featured please email us to inquire.

If you want your item to sell faster please contact us to make sale price adjustments, and we will feature your item with the reduced price,

Please note:

Since we are a Canadian company, all our prices and quotes are in Canadian dollars. This applies to all, including our international clients

Consignment Form