How to consign in 3 easy steps:

1. Request a quote and include the amount/payout you want to get back after the sale.

2. Wait for our reply if we accept your offer after reviewing your item/s.

3. Ship/Drop-off to us if we have a deal! 

NOW offering Consignment, Buyout and Store credit quotes - Buyout offers are for eligible items and may not apply to all 

Consignment: Amount quoted is your payout after we collect our fees and taxes.

Buyout: We will offer an amount for your item. If you accept we will pay you immediately after your item/s pass our inspection and authentication.

Store credit: We offer you an amount that you will be able to use in our store for future purchases. This value is only valid for 6months, in which case we will pay you back the consignment quote minus our service fee; $150 or 5%, whichever value is lower.

Sit back, relax and let us do the rest. From selling to collecting payments! 

Click on the button below to request a FREE QUOTE now! 

Consignment Form

Fill in the requested information for each item you want to consign. If information requested is not applicable please put 0 or NA.

Please be accurate and be detailed as possible so we can provide a fair quote.

Please note that our online quotes are approximate. The final sale price will depend on the on-hand inspection of your item/s.
If you’re not sure about pricing, we can help with the resale market value research.
Quotes are valid for 30 days.

Important: If you accept our quote and want to proceed, please print the quote with your signature, and include it with your item/s. Handing over your items for us to sell is agreeing to our Consignment Policies. We will email the Consignment Agreement after your item is received and inspected. You are required to review, agree and sign the agreement, and promptly email back the form.