The Best Bags to Invest in for 2023

Have you ever wondered if there is a right or wrong choice when it comes to purchasing luxury handbags? Well there might not be a right or wrong answer, but there are definitely some bags that retain their value more than other trendy pieces that may not stand the test of time. 

We’re going to break down some of the bags that we believe are the best investment purchases based on the following 3 criteria: Will the bag hold its value? What is the best colour/pattern to buy? Which bag design should you purchase? And don’t worry, we are not just going to cover Chanel and Hermes.



It might not come as a surprise to you when we tell you that Louis Vuitton has actually joined status with Chanel and Hermes. According to some recent reports, LV bags now hold up to 92% of their value in the resale market. Needless to say, you can purchase that LV bag that you love, whilst being reassured that it will hold its value over time.

Although LV comes out with new bag designs on a regular basis, they have some classics that never go out of style and those might just be your best bets if you’re looking to buy a timeless LV piece that holds its value. Some examples of timeless designs are the Speedy, the Alma, and the Neverful tote. 


The most popular LV colour and pattern is arguably their monogram canvas. The fashion house started using their LV monogram coated canvas back in 1896 and it has come to be known as one of the most iconic and timeless patterns in fashion history. That being said, LV also has amazing leather bags that boast excellent leather craftsmanship. Check out the gorgeous and classy LV Capucine.




Fendi has always been known for its iconic ready to wear pieces and bags. But we’re here to put the spotlight on one particular style: the Baguette bag. From being featured on Sex and the City to being carried by all our favourite it girls, this bag has stood the test of time in terms of its style and functionality. 

It is no secret that the Baguette bag made a major comeback this year for its 25th year anniversary and is now reported to be holding up to 115% of its purchase value, making it a great investment bag. 

The fendi Baguette comes in so many different colours and patterns and textures that you are bound to find your favorite combination regardless of what your taste is. The options include; canvas, sequin, leather, shearling, and even mohair. For investment purposes we would say the brown canvas pattern has proven to be the most in demand, but they are all exceptionally cute and make a statement in any outfit.



Prada has designed and sold outstanding bags for over a century but the “it bag” that we want to discuss is the Prada re-edition. This piece is reportedly retaining up to 112% of its value which makes it a solid choice for any first time or seasoned bag collector. 

You can watch video after video of people reviewing this bag, and they simply can’t seem to say enough good points about this bag. It is one of the most versatile and easy to use everyday bags that the luxury world has to offer. And at such a reasonable price point (relative to the luxury world), you don’t have to fear wearing it out as often as your heart desires. 

The most popular colour in the Prada re-edition has been the black nylon bag, this colourway is the most forgiving and easy to style for a night out or a full day of shopping and errands.




Gucci has had some iconic designs in the past that have garnered the attention of fashion and bag lovers worldwide. The Italian high end luxury fashion house has perhaps come to be most recognized for their monogram handbags featuring Gucci’s GG canvas. But surprisingly, the bag that we want to discuss today isn’t one that you’d expect. 

The Gucci Soho Bag actually has been reported to retain 122% of its value, making it yet another good investment choice. This bag has been known to be a top choice for many people's first luxury bag purchase. It has a versatile and easy structure that fits a lot of everyday essentials without it becoming too large and bulky as a crossbody bag.

Due to the nature of crossbody bags getting more exposure to denim and other coloured fabrics, the Gucci Soho bag is most popular in the colour black as it is most forgiving toward colour transfer.

Chanel & Hermes:

Last but certainly not least are Chanel and Hermes. In the luxury handbag world, these 2 brands hold the greatest power when it comes to value and timelessness. 

Chanel’s classic flap bags have been around since 1955, and the quilted design has come to be recognized worldwide as Chanel’s most iconic bag style. The price for Chanel’s classic flaps have gone up 132% in the past decade, meaning the sooner you invest in one the more you will save. 

On the other hand, Hermes’ Birkin bag has an average annual price increase of 15% and a total of 500% increase in value over the last 35 years. And the Hermes Kelly bag has had an increase in value of 129% in the past decade alone. These staggering numbers are great indications that the numbers will only continue to soar in the years to come, making these 3 bags the most certain investment purchases in the luxury handbag market.  


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