My fashion choices and why I now choose preloved and sustainability

Hello, I’m Shirley from @Miss.Shirley.Girly I’ve been on Instagram since 2013. It’s my creative outlet and I find that it’s a great catalog of my looks and luxe items. My style changes constantly. I’m such a moody-dresser. My mood of the day dictates what I wear. I used to dress more bohemian and in the past year, my taste has changed and evolved, yet again. What has stayed constant is my attraction to leather goods and accessories. I’ve always loved shoes and handbags. I started my fascination when I was 16 years old. I knew then that quality trumps quantity. I saved up my allowance and part-time job money and purchased my first Prada nylon bag. Then I worked in retail in high school and University, and that’s when I started to accumulate more and more bags...and everything else. Being in your 20s in the 90s vs the millennials in this day in age is so different. With social media and influencers, many millennials are already jumping onto the luxury band wagon. They see and they acquire. Unlike me in the 90s, fashion magazines would dictate what was deemed luxurious. I think it’s important to know yourself and your style and go from there. Now, in my 40s, I’m definitely more aware of fast-fashion and I’ve made a 2020 pledge for more sustainable fashion and to spend less on ‘trendy’ clothing.

To be truly stylish, it does not take a huge budget or closet- you don’t need a lot to look good. You need to make good, sensible decisions. We’re all guilty of panic/bargain buys. But what you need and buy what makes you feel great. Confidence is key. As well as looking after your clothes, shoes, and bags. I’m semi-picky with caring for my leather goods. I don’t have a ritual, but I do make it a point to enjoy them, in a non-disruptive manner- lol I’m meticulous about maintaining the structure and appearance of them. I notice that I favor French brands the most.

My favorite brand would be Chanel. As one of the most recognized brands in the world, Chanel offers a myriad of designs that are timeless and elegant, no matter what outfit you pair it with. Chanel designs are timeless investments. You can own something in the 80s and the item would still be swoon worthy in the 20th century. They have a wide range of designs & textiles – from jewelry to footwear, to scarves, handbag and small leather goods. I believe any woman or man; can find exactly the piece they’re looking for at Chanel. Investing in a Classic Flap is investing in a piece of history that will never decrease in value.

Sometimes I buy brand new from boutique and more oftentimes, I buy preloved. The preloved market has something for everyone- both luxury lovers and value seekers. When the stars are aligned, it’s a magical experience! Almost like destiny, to be able to find your preloved item in your desired style, condition, and price point. A consumer that wants to buy preloved is a smart consumer. They’ve done their research, they know what they want, they set a budget, and still want the best luxury goods to reflect their personality and mood! Furthermore, you give back and preserve the planet in the process by purchasing preloved. The preloved market provides a key solution to the negative environmental impact of conspicuous consumption by re-circulating clothes/accessories that would otherwise be piling up in our closet or landfills.

I may be a loyal Chanel fan, but their recent multiple-price-increases during the pandemic has been noteworthy, even though it seems to be the current trend, occurring across the board with luxury brands. Our money is hard earned and at-the-moment, the preloved market satisfies our luxury needs, just as well. This is a win-win scenario for the preloved market and luxury consumers.

That’s another reason why the pre-loved market is trending and increasingly growing. It attracts both buyers and sellers, especially during the lockdown where the digitally savvy consumer has more time to browse and search for items on the resale market. I truly believe the luxury preloved market is stronger than ever now and a constant growing consumer segment. Where we can shop guilt-free at home or wherever in the world for luxe bags, shoes, jewelry, and knowingly that these luxe items have had a comprehensive manufacturing technique and their luxurious qualities. There really isn’t a shortage of luxury items on the preloved market and more than ever, it’s so easy to indulge on preloved luxury that fits your style, your budget and sustainability

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