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As a well-established consignment business, we have become quite knowledgeable about various luxury brands, their unique features, and pricing structures. Among them all, Chanel’s Classic Flap bag holds a special place. This iconic bag has been a symbol of elegance and luxury for decades now. Here we delve into the myriad sizes it comes in, with the latest prices in EU/US/CAD.

Chanel has two bag designs that are considered the most iconic and recognizable for the brand. The first being the Classic Flap and the second being the Reissue.

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Chanel’s Classic Flap bag is available in several sizes: Mini Square, Mini Rectangle, Small, Medium/Large (often referred to as just Medium), Jumbo, and Maxi. Each size has its particular charm and functionality.

  • Mini Square: This adorable little number is perfect for those who prefer to carry only essentials - phone, cardholder and some makeup. As of 2023 prices: EU €4,500 / US $4,700 / CAD $5,950
  • Mini Rectangle: A tad bit larger than the mini square but still compact; this bag fits a little more than its counterpart yet retains that 'mini' appeal. As of 2023 prices: EU €4,700 / US $4,900 / CAD $6,200
  • Small: This is an excellent choice for individuals who want something more spacious than a mini but not as large as the medium flap bag. It's ideal for day-to-day use or evening outings. As of 2023 prices: EU €9,300 / US $9,600 / CAD $12,275
  • Medium/Large: The most popular among Chanel lovers due to its versatile size; it can be worn from day to night effortlessly and fits quite a bit without looking bulky. As of 2023 prices: EU €9,700 / US $10,200 / CAD $12,800
  • Jumbo: If you are someone who prefers larger bags that can hold everything from your iPad to a small water bottle, then this one is for you. As of 2023 prices: EU €10,000 / US $11,000 / CAD $13,850
  • Maxi: The largest of the classic flap bags; it's spacious yet stylish - perfect for those who like to carry their life in their bag! As of 2023 prices: EU €10,700 / US $11,500 / CAD $14,650

These bags are more than just accessories; they are investments. With Chanel's annual price increases (typically between 5-20%), these bags have a strong resale value.

Chanel’s Reissue bag is available in slightly different sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Large. These bags also come with double flaps, other than the newest release of the mini reissue bags which only come as single flap bags.


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Size Guide: 224: 20 cm, 225: 24 cm, 226: 28 cm, 227: 31 cm

  • Mini (224): This bag is the perfect purse for a night out or a day of walking when you don’t want to carry a heavy bag but just need to carry your essentials. As of 2023 prices: EU €4,700 / US $4,400 / CAD $6,200
  • Small (225): Similar to its Classic Flap counterpart, the Reissue in small is the first in the lineup of bags to feature a double flap design. As of 2023 prices: EU €9,700 / US $10,200 / CAD $12,800
  • Medium (226): Arguably the most versatile size, the medium reissue allows for style and function to meet in the most elegant way. As of 2023 prices: EU €10,000 / US $11,000 / CAD $13,850
  • Large (227): If you are someone who enjoys carrying more, definitely consider the large reissue as it is spacious and stylish at the same time. As of 2023 prices: EU €10,700 / US $11,500 / CAD $14,650

As a consignment business dealing in luxury brands, we can attest that Chanel's Classic Flap bag is a perennial favorite among buyers. Its timeless design coupled with its investment appeal makes it an excellent addition to any wardrobe.


So whether you're buying your first Chanel flap bag or adding another one to your collection, consider the functionality each size offers and which one fits your lifestyle best. Rest assured, no matter which size you choose - mini square or maxi - you're investing in a piece of fashion history.

Remember that prices are subject to change as they do fluctuate based on factors such as location and demand. Always verify the current price before making a decision.

Here at our consignment store we ensure authenticity so you can shop with confidence knowing you're getting the real deal. So if you've got your eyes set on Chanel’s Classic Flap bag in any size or color – we've got you covered!

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