Attainable Luxury

For as long as I can remember, I have always lusted over luxury handbags, accessories and ready to wear.  Luxury goods had seemed unattainable, something I can admire, desire and appreciate from a far but seemed beyond my reach. It wasn't until a few years ago when I first heard the term "buying pre loved" and saw consignment, pre loved and vintage shops pop up on Instagram and around Toronto. 

 I believe a lot of us who are starting our luxury journey, we can often feel intimidated going into boutiques to browse, try on bags and inquire about pricing. There is a new way to shop for luxury and I'm going to share all the benefits of pursing the pre loved and vintage route to attain your dream bag or build your collection.  

First and foremost, it is imperative you shop with a reputable reseller. This means they guarantee authenticity, have a fair return policy and have positive client reviews. This takes the risk out of buying directly from an individual seller. Reputable resellers are experts at spotting replicas and you can shop with ease and confidence 

If you are here, I bet you already have your list of dream bags or “The One”. Yes, us luxury lovers can refer to a bag as “the one”! On the pre loved market you have access to multiple brands and price points. Also, once certain styles or seasonal colors are sold out in boutiques, you still have a great chance of finding that bag, or even having it sourced for you. It is a wonderland of beautiful pieces and perhaps a bag not even on your radar will steal your heart, and there it is, ready to be yours!  

Once you find that handbag that sings to you and gives you butterflies, touch base with your knowledgeable reseller who will always happily provide more photos or answer any questions you may have. Listings are also helpful to review, which include the bags condition (typically on a rating scale) they indicate if there are any flaws or damage and inclusions (box/dustbag/receipt) and any other important information in relation to the bag. But again, there is someone there to happily guide you through the buying process.  

Now let’s talk price and financing options. For the most part, you will be saving hundreds, if not thousands when shopping pre loved and vintage. There are of course exceptions but in general, there are always fantastic deals to be had. When I purchased my first Chanel bag, I had the luxury of in-house layaway. This option allows you to secure your bag with a deposit of usually 20-30% with an arrangement to make payments within an agreed timeframe. This is exactly what I mean by attainable luxury. You can find your bag which is usually less than retail and have flexible payments. As soon you have paid off your new baby, it is yours! Many resellers also offer 3rd party payment installment solutions like PaybrightSezzle and Afterpay which break down the cost of your purchase into easy installments with no impact to your credit score. Shopping luxury has truly been made so easy by these amazing services offered.  

Sustainability has been at the forefront of many consumers list of priorities when shopping. When buying pre loved, you are doing just that. Buying something that has previously been loved and cared for and giving it a new life. We are no longer buying item’s to be used for a season and discarded. We are doing our research on the items to add to our wardrobe. We are putting more thought and awareness in what we spend our money on and the longevity it will provide us. We want to reduce our waste and environmental footprint to our planet and indulging in luxury can in fact fit into that priority when shopping.  


The romantic in me thinks about the story behind the bag, who loved it before me, was it a gift, did they wear it for a special occasion? It really is a beautiful feeling to give a new life to a luxury good that has been made by the best artisans, that has been previously adored and is now your turn to enjoy and appreciate. Take pride in your bag or collection. These pieces are meant to be worn and to live your wardrobe forever. To even be passed down to family. I truly believe anyone who wants to own a piece of fashion history and luxury should. The pre loved market now makes that dream and desire a reality.  


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  • Jo Ann Warren

    What an insightful way to look a purchasing luxury items.

  • Debbie Tucker

    Great advice! Love your passion and your style. You are an inspiration!

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