Unveiling Timeless Elegance: A Journey into the World of Hermes Quintessential Bags

The Many Faces of Hermes Kelly

The Kelly bag is more than just a piece of luxury; it's a statement of fine craftsmanship and ageless charm that Hermes has perfected over the years. With its range of sizes, there's a Kelly for every scene and setting:

  • Kelly 15 cm: Often referred to as 'Micro Kelly', this bag is tiny yet breathtakingly exquisite. Think of it as less of a carryall and more like an elegant piece of jewelry that elevates any ensemble.
  • Kelly Mini II: At a playful 20 cm, this version still carries your essentials while adding a dash of fun to your look.
  • Kelly Pochette: Imagine all you need for a night out fitting perfectly into this clutch-sized darling—it's simplicity, convenience, and style all rolled into one.
  • Kelly 25: This size might be small but don't be fooled—it packs a punch with its ability to add sophistication to your evening gala or brunch with friends.
  • Kelly 28: The epitome of versatility, this size is your go-to partner that flawlessly transitions from your hectic workday straight into a sophisticated dinner date.
  • Kelly 32: This classic size brings together generous space while still maintaining its chic silhouette—perfect for those who like their elegance with a side of practicality.
  • Kelly 35: For anyone who appreciates roomier accessories without wanting to compromise on style, this is your match made in heaven.



Birkin Bags: A Spectrum of Sophistication

Moving on to its equally renowned counterpart—the Birkin bag—a symbol not just of fashion but also an indicator of one's taste level. Each size tells its own story:

  • Birkin 20: Birkin Mini (Mini B) This tiny trendsetter is all about traveling light while staying chic—you'll hardly notice it's there until it turns heads with its undeniable style factor.
  • Birkin 25: Its diminutive stature has won hearts for being adorably functional—ideal for those who love high fashion in petite packages.
  • Birkin 30: A crowd favorite that offers enough space for daily essentials while exuding effortless class and authority.
  • Birkin 35: The original size that paved the way for what would become an icon—it’s spacious enough for life’s necessities without feeling bulky.
  • Birkin 40: Tailored for individuals on-the-go—travelers or professionals who need extra room but refuse to compromise on elegance or trendiness.
  • Faubourg Birkin: The Hermes Faubourg Birkin is an exceptionally detailed bag that showcases the iconic Birkin silhouette with a miniature Parisian streetscape meticulously hand-painted or crafted onto the front panel, paying homage to the brand's flagship store at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. It is an extremely rare bag and its price reflects its rarity and exquisite craftsmanship. 



Now let’s talk numbers—a topic that bag lovers worldwide are always buzzing about. While prices can fluctuate due to market demands and stock levels, here are some current starting price points:

In Euros (EU) - Approximations as of 2023: 

  • Kelly 15 cm: Starting at €5,800
  • Kelly Mini II: Starting at €6,700
  • Kelly Pochette: Starting at €4,500
  • Kelly 25: Starting at €8,050
  • Kelly 28: Starting at €8650 - €9100
  • Kelly 32:  Starting at €9050 - €9850
  • Kelly 35:  Starting at €9050 - €9200
  • Birkin 20: Starting at €7,500
  • Birkin 25: Starting at €8,050
  • Birkin 30: Starting at €8,900
  • Birkin 35: Starting at €10,000
  • Birkin 40: Starting at €11,000
  • Faubourg Birkin: upward of €100,000

In US Dollars (US) as of 2023:

  • Kelly 15 cm: Starting at $6,750 USD
  • Kelly Mini II: Starting at $8,700 USD
  • Kelly Pochette: Starting at $6,500 USD
  • Kelly 25: $10,600 - $11,200 USD
  • Kelly 28: $10,900 - $11,300 USD
  • Kelly 32: $11,300 - $12,000 USD
  • Kelly 35: $11,500 - $12.000 USD
  • Birkin 20: Starting at $9,250 USD
  • Birkin 25: $10,400 - $11,000 USD
  • Birkin 30: $11,600 - $12,000 USD
  • Birkin 35: $11,000 - $13,000 USD
  • Birkin 40: $12,000 - $14,500 USD
  • Faubourg Birkin: upward of $110,000 USD 


In Canadian Dollars (CAD) as of 2023:

  • Kelly 15 cm: Starting at $9,300
  • Kelly Mini II: Starting at $11,900
  • Kelly Pochette: Starting at $8,900
  • Kelly 25: $14,500 - $15,400 
  • Kelly 28: $14,900 - $15,500 
  • Kelly 32: $15,500 - $16,500 
  • Kelly 35: $15,800 - $16,500 
  • Birkin 20: Starting at $12,600 
  • Birkin 25: $14,200 - $15,000 
  • Birkin 30: $15,900 - $16,400 
  • Birkin 35: $15,000 - $17,800 
  • Birkin 40: $16,500 - $20,000 
  • Faubourg Birkin: upward of $140,000


European prices are often slightly lower than those in the USA due to VAT refunds that non-EU residents can claim when purchasing luxury goods in Europe. Canadian prices might be on par with or slightly higher than U.S. prices after factoring in exchange rates and local taxes.

These figures are just starting points focusing on entry-level leathers; if we step into the realm of exotic skins or limited editions—brace yourself—for those can reach soaring heights price-wise.


Whether you're venturing into the Hermes universe for the first time or expanding your collection with new dimensions—we place immense pride in authenticating and providing these masterpieces with utmost care. We understand that these handbags aren't merely fashion statements; they are investments in craftsmanship and legacy that stand the test of time.

For tailored guidance or inquiries about our handpicked selection—feel free to reach out here at LeidiDonna Luxe Shop and Consign. We’re here not just to offer a bag but rather an experience—a dream come true in leather form.

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